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Catalog user names with accents

Question asked by Steve Barry on Feb 1, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2018 by Jessica Sowalsky

We recently had an individual register for (2) courses through Catalog. Her last name contains an á (accented a). In the first registration just an a (no accent) was used. In the second registration the (á) was used. Both registrations cleared our payment portal ( The second registration never appeared in our Catalog Revenue Reports, etc. Nor was the client registered in the second course on Canvas. In class, she was able to show us the transaction. That was how we discovered the initial problem. 


I have since searched over our entire Revenue Report Export and see no names with an á (accented a). However, I have seen the accented e! 


Anyone else notice this? We have an international population, so this is a slight concern. 


This is was submitted to Canvas Support. The final conclusion on their end was that was at fault.