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Chemistry - Formula Quiz AutoGrading

Question asked by Carmen Napolitano on Jan 30, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2018 by Kona Jones

I have a question regarding how Canvas auto-grades formula-based quizzes.  I love the idea of being able to create questions for my students that are based on a formula where each student gets the same problem but different numbers, which means each student will have their own unique answer.  With this type of setup, students can still work together on HOW to solve a problem but can no longer just duplicate work or copy answers.


However, I am running in to one issue that makes the process not as useful as I would like it to be.  For homework/practice to be effective, students really need to get feedback on if their answers are correct or not.  As of right now, students are required to submit the quiz to check if their answers are correct or not.  So, if a student did the first problem on the quiz and wanted to check it, they have to submit the entire quiz.  They will then receive feedback if their answer is correct or not.  The problem arises when students re-attempt the quiz.  When they re-attempt the quiz, all of the questions generate new numbers and they have to do all of the problems over again.




1) I have a 5 question formula-based homework assignment (created as a quiz). A student enters all 5 answers and gets the third and fourth answers incorrect.  They want to re-attempt the quiz to try to get all of them correct.  They start their second attempt and, while of the questions are the same, all of the numbers are different and they now have to re-do every question including questions they had already answered correctly.


I really want students to be able to see if each individual answer is correct as they go without having to redo every problem to check.  Is there any way to make this happen short of creating multiple, one-question quizzes?