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Unwanted User info changes coming from SAML

Question asked by Roark Crawford on Jan 31, 2018
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We originally setup our account via a flat file of users, enrollments, and courses. We use SAML authentication as 'Provision Only' so it does not (should not) update the user account with any information contained in the SAML authentication. Starting mid-last week we began getting reports that user's names had changed to a previous name. We do not update Display Names in our AD so it would appear that at some point, Canvas began using the the Display Name contained in the SAML ticket (mid last week by best estimates).


It is as if the upcoming (now delayed) SAML changes from Canvas have caused an updating of user's display names from the SAML ticket. 


Does anyone else see this happening?


We are reaching out to support to see if they are aware, but this would only impact a customer who had a difference in the Display Name they originally loaded to Canvas and what they have in their AD. Additionally, also only if ADFS would have to be used with SAML set to 'provision only'.


Thank you!