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How are you managing timetabling data into Canvas?

Question asked by Jayde Colquhoun on Jan 29, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2018 by Lisa Li

Currently, we are integrating student data into Canvas via our Student Administration System (SAMS) which takes all student enrolments within a course offering, and creates a Canvas section and enrols the students into the Canvas course shell. 


For example, if we have 300 students enrolled in Cooking101 for Term 1, 300 students will appear in the Canvas section.


Additionally, we have a timetable management system, which takes the 300 students, and provides them with the option to select smaller class sizes, which means we need to break the 300 students down in Canvas, to be sections of (for example) 30 students (so, 10 sections). 


This leaves us in a conundrum, as the students are then enrolled multiple times into the course, and we lose section functionality (such as locking students, forming groups etc.) due to the students being in both sections. 


We wanted to reach out to you all, and ask how you are handling student enrolment data in Canvas that may come from more than one source? Are you possibly creating course shells for each timetabled class? Are you timetabling outside of Canvas entirely? Are you wrangling sections somehow?


Hopefully, we are not the only ones in this situation and someone has already solved this!   

Thank you.