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How do I edit a stimulus image?

Question asked by Aaron Bahmer on Jan 31, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2018 by Kevin Dougherty

I used "copy image" from a website and then pasted the image onto the stimulus area. The image was larger than I wanted -- it went off the screen a bit, so I wanted to alter the display dimensions. I selected the image in the editor and clicked the "Embed Image" tool for the RCE and it brings up the "Import Content" popup window, prompting for image selection/drag-drop and Alt text. It doesn't recognize that I wish to change the properties of the existing image.


In contrast, working with a content page and following the same steps, the Embed Image tool provides the "Insert/Edit Image" popup window with Alt text and dimension attributes for editing that image.


As a second option, I know enough HTML to be able to set the dimensions of the image in the IMG tag, but this RCE doesn't offer an HTML option.


It does, however, appear that I can drag the selection handles on the image, itself, to resize. However, I am still not able to add Alt text.


Would this be a bug report or an enhancement request?