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How Do I Get A Hand Grade Quiz To Register In Gradebook? That Is . . Make The Little Space Shuttle Icon Go Away?

Question asked by Greg Kropkowski on Feb 1, 2018
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Hi. As the instructor, I changed the parameters on a quiz to allow multiple attempts. Some students took advantage of the multiple attempts, others did not.


For the students that did not take multiple attempts, but just one, after I hand graded the short answer part, the grade updated and registered to gradebook.


For the few students who did take advantage, I graded the attempt with the highest multiple choice score and updated the grade (score). 


The score looks updated . . .it looks updated in speed grader, but it is not registering to the gradebook  - final point tally. The little "space shuttle" icon still shows in grade book for those students.


How do I get these students quizzes to update AND register to gradebook . . i.e. show a score in gradebook and not the little space shuttle icon!