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Narrow no break spaces don't render properly in Safari

Question asked by Ben Chapman on Feb 1, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2018 by Kenneth Rogers

Canvas developers,


We are seeing this very odd behavior in the way that Safari renders some Canvas pages. In just a few documents, the HTML source shows unicode character U202F (narrow no break space). Safari renders it as a zero-length space and so you get the effect shown the first screenshot below. Chrome treats them as half-spaces, and so they render, but they look a bit odd.


I've created a search script that uses the API to find occurences of the half space character, but I'm trying to figure out why they are in the file in the first place.


Our instructors use Word to create files that are then cut and pasted into Canvas. Canvas does not appear to do very much (any?) clean-up of cut-and-pasted Word data. Do you have any advice for workflows that would minimize this or similar issues?






P.S. I'm happy to share the code for the Python script that I wrote that checks for 18 different kinds of Unicode spaces. There's a nice document that shows the various spaces here: Unicode spaces .


Narrow no break spaces in Safari:


Screenshot of Safari Browser capture


Narrow no break spaces in Chrome:


Image of screenshot captured from Chrome browser.