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Tracking student participation in events

Question asked by Nicholas Petti on Feb 3, 2018
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I'm using Canvas as part of my face to face classes. I'm a culinary instructor and we do lots of catered events, both on and off campus. The catering class is a variable unit class, and students earn credit based on event participation. The events are posted on the calendar, so students can see when, where, how long, etc. What I need is a way for students to check in, or confirm that they will be at the event, so I know ahead of time how many people I will have to work.


The only way I see to do it would be to create a T/F quiz for each event and if the student plans on attending, they answer true. But, this seems clunky, possibly confusing, and doesn't allow for students to change their answer after, if for instance, they initially commit to attending but have an emergency that prevents them. Ideally, I'd like to look at one place and instantly see that I have 10 students planning on showing up and 5 students who can't.