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Quizzes.Next and Assignment Tool

Question asked by Aaron Bahmer on Feb 1, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2018 by Eric Werth

As I understand it, using Quizzes.Next (may I say QN?) creates a special type of assignment. The assignment process asks for a point value long before you get to the QN question builder. In my brief experience, I have found that the point value of the assignment does not necessarily reflect the total points that a quiz you build in QN is actually worth. How is this difference in points reconciled to the student?

  • Do I need to manually change the assignment points to match the QN quiz?
  • Will the assignment grade be a proportionate amount of the QN quiz grade (ie. Assignment worth 20 points, but quiz works out to be 50 - student scores 40/50 on the quiz, is the assignment score then 16?)

This is likely related to the question being asked in Grade adjusted after Edit? 


Am I just missing something in the Assignment settings for this QN item?