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Mark all as Complete

Question asked by Barbara Goebel on Feb 4, 2018
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This may be the most basic of questions, but after reviewing a number of Community threads, FAQs and Gradebook instructions, I can't find an answer.

In the prerequisite study module leading to a summative assessment, students are required to complete a number of assignments and Mark as Done. For some, a submission of data is required, which populates the gradebook with an icon. For others, there is a simple read or view assignment, with no submission for the student.

I'd like to be able to mark an entire class as complete for a couple of these assignments (done in class, or on an external tool under my supervision). There does not seem to be a Mark All Complete option in Gradebook. Also, the tiny space allowed for marking complete or incomplete in Gradebook makes a precision problem. I have to go pretty slowly to make the 120X2 clicks needed for marking each student's work done.

What have I missed here? This is surely a common situation.