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How to use Canvas to get students to study a list of facts?

Discussion created by Tobe Baeyens on Feb 4, 2018
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In many courses students have to study facts. These facts can be summarised in a list and often the student just has to know / remember them.


Students should work / study regularly on these facts, and they should be able to check if they master them. They should be able to do this on their mobile device.


I used to use flashcards in the past. A student will get a random item from the list, and can check if the item is known. If the student doesn't know the item. it will stay in the stack, otherwise it will move to a different stack (archive).


I think that there are different tools in Canvas that can help students to master facts:

  • Quizzes with random questions from a questionbank.
    • + The student can do the quiz over and over again until mastery is reached
    • - Facts that are already known stay in the quiz
    • - Developing questions is time consuming
    • - Motivating students to do the same quiz over and over again is difficult
  • A page with a list of facts
    • + The student can easily access the facts on desktop and mobile
    • - A long list can be overwhelming, studying a list of facts is boring
  • Short video's that explain a few facts at a time and offer hooks to remember them
    • + Students like to watch video's
    • - It takes more time to create video's
  • An assignment where the student has to apply some facts
    • + The student can create something and will learn by doing
    • - Students have a tendency to copy / paste information without understanding when they don't master the vocabulary
  • A discussion where students can interact and share their opinion about facts
    • + The student can interact and gets personalised feedback
    • - Students often don't participate in discussions
    • - Facts are facts and there isn't much to discuss

How do you deal with facts? How do you use Canvas to get students to to remember them?