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Quiz LTI quiz import results by question type-bugs??

Discussion created by Aubreena Deforest on Feb 7, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2018 by Elizabeth (Online Learning) Jackson

Hello- I built a test in legacy creating a question using each question type. Then I exported that quiz and imported it into Quiz LTI. a few things happened in the export. Should the migration process be patched to ensure that an editable test comes over in the LTI this will no longer be relevant. However, for those pulling content into as we speak this is what I found. 

The process I follow includes exporting the quiz from legacy and importing into the LTI. If there are banks I want, I export all quiz questions onto a quiz and export the quiz.importing it into the LTI 



1. Text box question types are lost. 

2. Formula questions come over as "essay" questions. 

3. None of the feedback comes over for any of the question types.

4. Multiple Choice Drop Down comes over as matching.

5. Fill in the multiple blank comes over as Fill in the blank and text fields have extraneous code. 

6. Question groups and links to banks drop off. 

7. Embeded YouTube videos are eradicated from text field.

a. embedded images stick.

b. embedded links stick. However, when clicking on hyperlink in build mode it does not allow you to select the hyperlink. Instead it pulls you into edit mode in the question. To verifiy that the link took, you would need to highlight the hyperlink and click the chain icon to see the actual web address in the hyperlink. 

8. Original question name kept when imported as a quiz. Question name dropped off and reverted to question text in question banks.