Stephanie Angrisano

Conditional Logic for Pass/Fail Groups

Discussion created by Stephanie Angrisano on Feb 2, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2018 by Erin Hallmark

We would like to see Assignment Groups that can be set to pass/fail, while the items within the group are graded numerically, as is the course as a whole.


Several of our courses include categories which are pass/fail, though the course as a whole is graded on a standard numeric scale, provided these "make it or break it" categories are passed. I'd like to see more sophisticated conditional logic in the gradebook Assignment Group settings to allow this functionality.


Example: In a nursing course, the Lab portion of the course is pass/fail. That category in the syllabus/gradebook must be passed with at least 75% for the grades in other categories (i.e. quizzes, homework, assignments and projects in the lecture category) to count/determine the final grade.


I would love feedback on this, and I would appreciate any alternative ideas on how others might be handling similar situations currently.  Thanks in advance!