Cynthia Wilshusen

Enhance Options for Feedback on Quizzes

Discussion created by Cynthia Wilshusen on Feb 6, 2018


First Canvas quizzes are set up to display the feedback to students if the check box is marked, however when the option to show correct answers on a specific date and time shows the student which questions were incorrect, and then shows the specific feedback, which could be used to identify the correct answer before the quiz is closed. In order to truly enable the delayed feedback it must be done manually. Canvas does not have a delayed feedback option, but it should be considered.



Describe your idea

In some cases faculty may want students to view their responses, and then after the exam closes they can view the correct answer and associated feedback. The only way to accomplish this goal is to ensure that the feedback is entered when the quiz is created. Then the faculty member must make sure they do not enable the check box to show the correct answer to ensure that students don't see the feedback until after the quiz closes. Moreover, the faculty member must return to the quiz settings after the quiz is closed and then click the check box to enable the show correct answers and feedback option.


It would be beneficial to have options to allow faculty to determine how much feedback is provided and at what point in time. For example, first the student can see if the question was marked correct or incorrect, then after the quiz closes they can see if the answer is correct and any feedback provide.


Here is a document that outlines the various set ups and the outcomePreview the document


How will this idea benefit CCC users?

This will allow faculty to provide specific feedback to students in a timely manner. It will also reduce the workload by allowing faculty to set the time in which the various levels of feedback are provided without having to manually return to each quiz to change the setting.