Today's Learner in Residency Programs

Discussion created by Employee on Feb 6, 2018

Hi all,

Found this article today and wondered if any of our members here have example of or experience with the design approaches described in the article. I found the design principles and engagement strategies applicable for many learner types and the ideas are far from limited to any one strand of medical education. Would love to see example in other residencies or UME. 

Toohey SL, Wray A, Wiechmann W, Lin M, Boysen-Osborn M. Ten Tips for Engaging the Millennial Learner and Moving an Emergency Medicine Residency Curriculum into the 21st Century. Western Journal of Emergency Medicine. 2016;17(3):337-343. doi:10.5811/westjem.2016.3.29863. Retrieved from
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For those of you who have been working in med ed for some time, what are some of the issues or challenges you find with the "millennial learner" described in the article? What is your program doing to accommodate them?