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Group collaboration and building of consensus

Question asked by Wan Fareed on Feb 5, 2018
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I am developing a group online discussion where learners have to collaborate and come to consensus in the preparation on their final report. I am now researching ideas on how to provide guidelines for the building on consensus activity. In our design, learners will work in groups of 4 to answer 2 questions. The activity last for 2 weeks (1 week for each question).


First, individual learner must come up with their draft. Then by midweek, they will post their individual draft for others to comment. Then individually, each will choose a draft that they they think is the 'best'. They need to provide rationale for their choice. The 'best' at this stage is not final. In the feedback and rationale, they will also comment on how to improve on their choice so the ;best' draft could be improve. They cannot choose their draft.


Once this is done, there will definitely be some disagreements. This is where we want them to build consensus. One way is to identify the diverging points and try to close the gap(s) or at least mitigate.  This is where I am seeking advises if anyone has done this kind of activity before and utilise the affordances of Canvas.


Any helps pls? Thank you.