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Building a social network/communication forum for students

Discussion created by Sara Flink on Feb 9, 2018
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Hello! I was curious to see if anyone had experience integrating a social media type of program into Canvas to allow for a social networking and communication area? I am trying to find different ways to build community among online students and have found that many have a desire to communicate in a social way, such as ask questions, share photos, etc. in a way that is similar to a Facebook or other social media account, yet they want to keep their personal accounts separate from their school accounts, and we have also  been encountering more and more students who are not using social media, therefore creating a private group within a large platform such as Facebook leaves some students left out. 


Just curious to see if anyone knew of any way of achieving this? And if not, in what ways have you been successful with creating a community feel in an online program? 


Thank you!!