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Discussion created by Jesse Anderson on Feb 7, 2018
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Herre goes...


I was navigating around in Canvas to try to find a way to create a lesson plan that is not published or visible to students, but instead, a place where I can write myself a bulleted list of topics for lecture and demonstration.


I teach in higher education at the 2 year college level and my classes are lab classes teaching architectural drafting and design. In the earlier weeks of the course, there is a steep learning curve for novice students, who in turn, have many questions. Rather than react, I want to be more proactive and produce demonstrations and/or lecture notes that only I have access to, so that the standard assignment narrative that every student works from is not interrupted.


Here's my idea (comment on the best current workaround): Find a way to write a lecture/demo note page that nests under the primary assignment page that remains unpublished to students, but is not residing inside a normal module assembly. In other words, something like a page link embedded in the assignment page that only I have access to.


I open the assignment page just like a student, but I have one more page link titled 'plan' or something that I click to open my notes.


Is this arrangement currently possible? If not, what is your best suggestion?##