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CCCTC Canvas-SIS Integration

Discussion created by Jane Linder on Feb 7, 2018
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Also posted this to the Canvas Admins listserv, so apologies if you are seeing this for the second time!
As part of the Onilne Education Initiative's (OEI) Canvas rollout, the CCCTC's Project Glue team has developed a free, optional Canvas-SIS integration between the three main ERPs/SISs used at the California Community Colleges (Banner, Colleague and PeopleSoft). Phase 1 of this integration is complete and is going into beta, with a target production/generally available date in late Q2 2018. 
For those attending CISOA this year, Jane Linder of the Project Glue team and Amy Carbonaro, OEI Statewide Program Manager, will be presenting an overview and the technical details of this integration. In the meantime, you can access the OEI Canvas-SIS Integration guide for an overview of the features in beta now. This user guide is available on the Project Glue Public Documentation site.
The next phase of the Canvas-SIS integration is kicking off with research into an option to allow faculty to push final grades from Canvas to the college SIS, as well as an option to allow faculty to create their Canvas Course Shells with pre-populated data from the SIS. As part of the research into this, Jane Linder and Mike Connolly with the Project Glue team would like to post questions and gather input from the CCC Canvas community through this forum. Thanks in advance for your help!
Priority of Canvas/SIS Integration features
1. Of the two features: faculty final grade push or allow faculty to create Canvas course shells, which is the higher priority for your college?
2. Are there other integrations you'd like to see developed to assist faculty, Admin staff and students with their use of Canvas?
Canvas Grade Export to SIS
Some colleges have expressed a desire to leverage the Canvas functionality for exporting final grades from Canvas to the college ERP/SIS in order to eliminate the need for staff to enter grades separately. The CCC Technology Center is investigating what would be required to accomplish this. We’d like to understand the challenges, as you see them, so that we can support the different processes that each of you utilize. As a reminder, here is the Canvas description of the Grade Export feature:
“The Grade Export plugin allows teachers to post the current grades in a course to a web service. In essence, it adds a "Grade Publishing" tab to the course settings pages. On that tab, the teacher clicks "(Re)Publish grades to SIS". When they click the button, a backend process is queued. "Pending..." will change to "Published..." when it is done.”
While this is the functionality that Canvas currently supports, they are working on real-time synchronization of grades. The questions we pose below consider both the current approach as well as automated synchronization. In particular we’ve identified the following areas that we will need to consider. We would appreciate your input on these as well as any other areas that you think are pertinent.
  1. Are you interested in this feature?
  2. What SIS are you using?
  3. What is your current process for posting grades from Canvas to the SIS?
  4. Is there a timing issue that needs to be considered regarding when grades in Canvas are complete and ready to transfer verses when the SIS is ready to receive them? 
  5. How might grades need to be transformed from what Canvas has to what is in the SIS? Are there scenarios in which Teachers use a different grade when entering it in the SIS from what Canvas shows?
  6. How do grade scales impact final grades between Canvas and the SIS?
  7. Instructure is currently working on functionality to support real-time synchronization of grades. The current way creates a .csv file that is input into the SIS. Would your college prefer real-time vs the current file-based grade push?
  8. If you have a member of your college faculty, staff or IT department who would be interested in answering any further questions or providing feedback on a Canvas to SIS final grade prototype, please recommend them and provide an email contact. 
Thanks Again!
Jane Linder and MIke Connolly