trips tricks or "doesn't work" or "does work" on changing to tablet

Discussion created by JAMES SHELDON on Feb 7, 2018
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The idea here is that since Canvas has "enabled" the form factor of the cell phone, tablet, etc.  folks might have noticed something that "doesn't work" or "works differently" or, pleasantly surprises by working better than with a tower or laptop with mouse or touchpad.


I have a two year old HP surface foldable tablet/keyboard with Win 10.


In the modules section USING MY FINGER I can "slider up" or "slider down"  the modules but cannot "move" them around, as in moving them to another module, because (assumedly) I am not able to "click" to drag as with a mouse.


It "might be" that this is a problem with the physical interface.


It might be because the screen does not accept differing pressures of the finger.  Apparently, some tablets do, indeed, allow differing pressures, apparently again, on the particular application.  i.e. possibly a drawing program.  But, also, apparently not "all" applications.


Apparently some tablets either come with a "pen" or one can purchase a pen which is able to interact with a "hot spot" such as the spot that one uses to drag modules with the clicked mouse.


So this is not a comment on the Canvas GUI it is a comment on my particular hardware.


Someone else may be able to drag using a finger, and if so, then please so post with a note on the hardware and software specifics for people considering purchasing a tablet.


So, if anyone has noticed other oddments please post them.