Resize e-mail addressee window? Or not?

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I searched "resize" "e-mail" etc and did not get a return.


This is just for discussion.


When sending a message (e-mail) to students one can select "everyone in" the class or opt to select individual students.


This is done by holding down Ctrl- and clicking the student name.


The situation which is being referenced is that the window which displays the names cannot be resized "downward" to display the names.


However by dragging the whole popup one can stretch it to the side and the student names will be shown "left - right" in two rows.  And, usually I am able to see all of the student names.


That, in and of itself, is ok if there are not "too many" students in the class to where they display  down in addition to displaying across.


This is not necessarily a problem "for me now" because I tend to have, usually, 20 or 22 of a possible 24 students.


Except that...I really do double check the e-mail list so that I am sure that all students "have been clicked".


However, that could soon change.


The college is actually considering, as a cost savings measure, having "combined lectures" with separate labs.  This would put possibly up to 48 students which are in "two sections" into some kind of....combined situation on Canvas.


This has actually been requested by certain faculty in previous years but turned down because the college wanted to maintain the small class size nature of the college.


However those requests were made when we were using another LMS and e-mails were done by selecting in the grading spreadsheet so one could verify that possibly of 48 students were selected and then a few students might be UNselected.


Of course, this combining of sections is already done at larger universities which can have a hundred or so students in the "lecture"


So, the question is, do folks that have large sections perceive a problem here ( being able to check who was actually "clicked" ) or is it just me?


just a question, of little worth.