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Programmable Return Button in

Question asked by Ross Hounsell on Feb 12, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2018 by Ross Hounsell

Is the return button in a quiz programmable?


It seems that the return button just send the user back to the assignments list. We do not make that option available within our students navigation. All assignments are linked to through Modules/Content pages.


We tried adding a link back to the relevant module/page in the instructions area of the quiz but this gets hidden as part of the grading process and becomes useless.


Currently our students would be taken back to the home page of the course, is there a way we can make the return button programmable so we can set where it goes back to?




It there a way to insert our own links in the instructions and have them not be hidden by the grading screens at the end?




Is there some other sort of linking jiggery pokery that can be done to allow students to navigate back to modules/pages easily that I'm just not seeing?