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Faculty/Student Survey examples (pre-/post-)?

Question asked by Phil Denman on Feb 13, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2018 by Beverly Bondad-Brown

Hi All,


My institution, SDSU, is undergoing a pilot in the Fall of 2018 and we are beginning to form our task force and identify pilot faculty members.  We are looking for to gather some survey instruments that might be able to help us:


a) assess current faculty usage of (and satisfaction with) Blackboard

b) assess the Canvas experience for pilot faculty members

c) gather data on the student experience


We are specifically looking for instruments used by universities in the Cal State system, California Community College District, and UC systems to help inform our survey, but we are interested in other great examples too. I've run across a few different instruments that vary wildly online, but figured we would do better to source something from this community instead.


Would anyone be willing to share what they used to survey faculty PRIOR to launching a Canvas pilot, as well as the instruments used to evaluate the pilot itself?

Thank you in advance.