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Can't access build in Quiz LTI for a course you have imported into that has existing Quizzes built in the new LTI?

Question asked by Aubreena Deforest on Feb 12, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2018 by Kevin Dougherty

Hi folks- There is a post about copying quizzes from October and it is still true that we are not able copy Quizzes built into the LTI as of today. Here's the post on it: Quiz Items Not Copying to New Courses. I am curious  if there is an ETA for fixing this? Also, I discovered today that if I import an entire course that used the Quiz LTI, when I go to create additional quizzes in the new course using the LTI it will not redirect me into "build" page after saving the initial assignment details. Instead it routes me to the begin exam page to launch the quiz and when launched, it never opens. Has anyone else experienced this as well?