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Modules: Replace [Next] with [Home]

Question asked by Aaron Bahmer on Feb 13, 2018
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I'm working with modules and wondering if there's a way/trick/hack to make the last item of a module have a [Home] button at the bottom (or only a [Previous] button) rather than a [Next] button. It's at this point that I'd like my students to take a break, go back to Home and figure out (decide) what to do next rather than blindly forging through the next module.


I'm building a module "welcome" page, as a way of signalling to the student that something has changed, and even building a "wrap up" page at the end of the module to remind them of what they have accomplished. Those are easy, but then I want to make them stop.


I realize that I can put a pre-requisite on a module, but even if that is just "view everything", it won't stop the student from chugging right through (since they will have viewed everything in the previous module).


Maybe I see an idea brewing here: A module option/setting to "display which buttons at end of module?"