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How do you work with multiple accounts?

Question asked by Jessica Sowalsky on Feb 14, 2018
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We have a request from our business school which is the following:


A student creates a Catalog account with their gmail, yahoo, etc email address and then enrolls into MBA program/course within Catalog. After they are accepted into the MBA program they are provided with UMD login credentials. They want to be able to combine these two accounts with one enrollment. However, the SIS ID/UID lives with the UMD account and not their original personal email account in Canvas. Is there a way to attain access for these individuals in Canvas without merging accounts and without having them enroll in the same MBA course again in Catalog with their UMD account?


The reason being is that they will complete modules in Catalog/Canvas before acceptance and the admins want access to this data throughout their time in the MBA program.


Any ideas? Jon Fenton, Kathy Harris, Leigh Bernstein, Trina Adams, Kell Denna?