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Can students see in-line comments on assignments using their phones?

Question asked by Teeka James on Feb 16, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2018 by Teeka James

Most of my students do not have computers and are using Canvas via their smartphones. I want to make sure that my students can easily find and read the comments I give them on their assignments (in rubrics, in comments, in in-line annotations). I have been using Speed Grader for most homework marking, and students have been able to see the notes I leave in the comments box fairly easily. However, it's now ESSAY grading time, and I want to leave in-line comments and corrections. I really want to make sure my students have no trouble seeing that feedback.


They have submitted their papers to Turnitin (via Canvas), and I have the option to grade/comment on their papers through Turnitin's Feedback Studio and/or Canvas's Speed Grader. (Though I messed up and can only use the rubric through Turnitin this time, I have a workaround for it.)


My questions are these:

  1. Will my comments and in-line corrections be easier for students to find and see via Feedback Studio or Speed Grader?
  2. Can students see in-line comments using the Canvas app on their phones? Does it make a difference, in this regard, if those comments are in Feedback Studio or Speed Grader?


Thank you so much!