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Italian Language Question

Question asked by Rosie Sasso on Feb 14, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2018 by Rosie Sasso

In the Canvas Production Release Notes (2017-12-09), the Italian language was made available. Our Italian language instructors were excited to learn of this availability!


When testing the language in a course, one instructor noted the following:

As an example, Dec 24 in Italian is 24 dicembre: no capital d and the date comes before the month; yet in Canvas it remains displayed as Dec 24.


Here is an example of how the assignment dates display using the Italian language:

Assignment with Italian due dates


I tested the same concept with the Spanish language and the dates displayed in the day-month format. The month is abbreviated to the first three letters. (In this example, abr is the abbreviated month for April.)

Assignment with Spanish due dates


I'm curious to know if the display can be corrected to accurately reflect the day-month format within the Italian language.


Is there an area in the Community where users can suggest language corrections? Or would a Canvas Case need to be opened with technical support?


Any help/thoughts are appreciated!