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Questions in quiz bank duplicate when edited?

Question asked by Katie Cross on Feb 20, 2018
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Hello! We are having a strange thing happen with our quiz question banks that I was hoping someone else had experience with. We created a series of quiz questions in a quiz bank, and then inserted (not linked) those questions in a knowledge check in the live course. (No students have begun taking the quiz yet.) I then tried to edit the instance of the questions in the bank itself—to be clear, understanding that that this would not automatically update the knowledge checks—but Canvas did not like this at all. 


Every time I try to make a change in the quiz bank, Canvas duplicates the question. So for instance, if Question 1 has three possible answers and I go into the quiz bank and remove one, the quiz bank will then reflect both the original and updated version: Question 1 (options A, B, and C) and also Question 1 (options A and B). If I try to edit again, a third copy will be created and so on. Once these duplicates are in the question bank, no copy can be deleted—neither the original or duplicate. Both return the error message "Oops, that last request didn't work out" and the error:


Ajax Error: 404

{"errors":{"base":"Unexpected error, ID: 991120520"},"status":"404 Not Found"}


This duplication/error message is only happening on the questions that have been placed already in a knowledge check. It is odd to me that the knowledge check would affect the quiz bank given that the quiz bank doesn't affect the knowledge check (if that makes sense).


Does anyone know why this might be happening, and what I can do to continue updating the quiz bank without more and more duplicates being created?