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Question asked by Joni Miller Expert on Feb 16, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2018 by David Fluckiger

I'm working with submission_dim and submission_fact trying to generate some data based on student submissions.  I see in the schema that submission_dim and submission_fact both have only information about the LATEST submission.  


If there are multiple submisisons for an assignment/student/course:  


Is there any way to generate the FIRST ATTEMPT DATE?  I see the number of attempts but I can't find the first attempt date or timestamp.  


Which score is the actual gradebook score?  is it submission_fact.published_score, submission_fact.score, or submission_dim.published_grade?  If there are multiple attempts on a quiz, and has latest/average/highest does it always include the properly calculated score?  


Is there any way to see past submissions for assignments in canvas data?