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Mastery Paths: Can an Assignment Appear Twice, But Under a Different 'Or' Condition?

Question asked by KEITH THOMSEN on Feb 20, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2018 by KEITH THOMSEN

Hello! I seem to have hit a snag with Mastery Paths...and I'm not sure if it's a system limitation or user error.


Is it possible to have the same assignment appear twice under a mastery path, but under a different 'or' condition?


For Example, let's say I put a student into a 'high' mastery path after scoring 90% - 100% on a preassessment. I would like their choices to appear as follows:


Assignment 1 & Assignment 2 & Assignment 3


Assignment 1 & Assignment 2 & Assignment 4


Assignment 1 & Assignment 3 & Assignment 4


This way a high flying student would be able to choose from several available assignment groups. Obviously a lower leveled student wouldn't be given as many choices, but even there I would like to give a little more choice.


I've been using Canvas for three years and recently I've started to experiment with Mastery Paths. My hope was that this would allow more student choice in their assignments as well as opportunity for me to do more one-on-one work. However, after spending a great deal of time playing with the concept I'm not sure that it works the way I had thought it did/would.


Any insight would be welcome as I'd love to find a way to give students more choice with Canvas and really get to a more blended/flipped classroom.