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How can I merge my courses?

Question asked by Avery Bradshaw on Feb 20, 2018
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I am an elementary school Art teacher. Because I am an Art teacher, and not a general education teacher, I teach Grades 1st through 5th.  In Canvas, I have a site set up for each grade level.  However, each grade level is divided into more separate courses based on students' homerooms (Art 1: Section 1, Art 1: Section 2, etc.).  


While I see how it could be beneficial, each class of each grade has a mix of each homeroom, and each class follows the same syllabus, does the same assignments, etc.  


Since I do not see my students by homeroom, and each class does the same thing anyway, I feel like it would be pointless for me to create the same course site 4 times for each grade level.  Is there any way I can merge them, so that instead of having multiple sections for each grade level, I just have one course for each grade level? I.e. just Art 1 for every student, instead of Art 1 Section 1, Art 1 Section 2, Art 1 Section 3, Art 1 Section 4?


Thank you in advance!