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Question asked by dalia lewand on Feb 20, 2018
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                Whether or not I feel that I am a modern day feminist?  One must consider the meaning of feminism.  It does not mean man hater or the idea that men have control over woman in modern day society.  In the late 19th century woman rights movement became apparent here in America.  Woman equality on the rise with the rights to vote, rights for equal pay, fights to be heard have come with is now called the Feminist Movement". The Womans March of recent in 2018 demonsration thoughout the country,  showed the world  the plight woman have made to ensure the viability and strength in numbers and strength in voice and will not go unheard.  When reading about the roots of white feminism, by Paula Gunn Allen one gets a sence  of the struggle of distribution of equaliatarion of both power and equality.   So what doses feminisim mean to me?  Am I am feminist? Having come from a vastly different cultural background then that of America.  In my country, Mexico, Woman are not treated equally.  Political and economic views of the woman place in this society is still deemed to be far more degressed in Mexico.  Women  in Mecxio are frowed upon both in politics and the workplace.  I can relate in the reading of that of Mathangi Subramaian whom immigrated here form India.  I come to find that women studies and the struggle for feminist equality is a white middle class western thing.   History dictates that this is farther than the truth.  Women of color , Spanish  setllers, Indian cultures all share in the common plight among many other in the pursuit of equality and  opportunity.  But sadly oppression in many countries of the world still to this day are self evidence.  It is not until 2020 that woman are allowed to drive some Arab nations, along with oppression as the rights to walk along side of men, rights to vote, and rights to have their faces seen are some of the many plights women see in these third world countries.  This called in our readings as internalized oppression.   Oppression is with loss of both voluntary and involuntary of voice, indenity and agency of oppressed people.  ( page 13 of our reading chapter one)  So I  see the fight for equlity    go hand and hand with the meaning of feminism.  I have learned  that my voice and action can and should be heard her in America making a pathway for my children and the plights of woman everywhere. Without change and  diversity there is oppression and the opportunity for equlity is for all human kind not just for gender, creed or relgion.  I read a quate for Thomas Jefferson "all men are created equal"  times have changed and the wording should  say humans are all created equal.




FEB 20, 2018