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Recovering Learning Mastery Data

Question asked by Jennifer Tyndall on Feb 23, 2018
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Learning Mastery Issues! 

I hope someone has a solution for my dilemma, we are dealing with some major learning mastery issues! Below is a summary of my problem, along with a summary of my attempts to fix the problem.

  • My goal was to remove data from a quiz (we'll call it the bad quiz for clarity) that was mistakenly given to a group of students. The incorrect data was negatively (and falsely) affecting the students score in the learning mastery gradebook.
  • The questions for the bad quiz had been sorted into question banks for each standard. There were also additional 'good' questions in each bank from other quizzes. The appropriate outcome had been attached to each bank.
  • Per a conversation with our district support, it appeared that the only way to remove the results from the bad quiz from our learning mastery grade book was to delete the question bank containing those questions.
  • As noted earlier, the question banks also had questions from other quizzes, therefore I couldn't just delete them. I used the copy/move feature to move each 'good' question to a new question bank.
  • Once all of the 'good' questions had been moved to the new question bank, I deleted the old bank (the one tied to the term data).
  • I then linked the correct outcomes to the newly created question banks which contained my 'good' questions.
  • Many of the questions that I moved into new banks were part of quizzes that had already been taken by students, therefore data from those questions should have remained in the Learning Mastery Gradebook. When I checked the grade book, I realized that it had deleted all of the data, and we no longer could see the results of the students responses to the good questions. The learning Mastery Gradebook was almost completely blank.
  • I have attempted to recover the data by going into Speedgrader, and clicking the update scores button. This did not work, with the exception of one student, on one quiz, for one standard.
  • I also attempted to have a student's responses reentered and submitted into the previously completed quizzes, but they are still not showing up in the Learning Mastery Grade book.


How do I get my learning mastery data back??? And equally importantly, why aren't the new attempts on quizzes reporting to the learning mastery gradebook?

Thank you!