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Institution grade scheme overriding course grade scheme in assignments

Question asked by Jackie Hubbard on Feb 27, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2018 by Renee Carney

new gradebook Just got off the phone with support to verify this isn't a glitch.  We have a default grading scheme set up at the institutional level but staff at one middle school have permission to use an alternative 4 point scale which is more similar to an elementary standards based approach.  When configuring an assignment they often choose to have final grade display as a letter grade rather than points which is more clear to parents traditional way of thinking about grades.  However, when they toggle to the letter grade display, a view grading scheme link shows up.  A teacher noticed that this toggle defaults the assignment grade scheme (not the course scheme) back to the institutional default which will then negatively impact overall grades in a major way when she's using her 4 point grade entry system.  On every assignment with the letter grade display, she and other teacher using the 4 point scale will have to manually reset the grade scheme on each assignment before saving.  Seems like a major glitch and not one we heard about at all in first semester.  Some screenshots to illustrate:

Course level grade scheme 4 point scale


New assignment - letter grade display preference with view scheme link

Default grade scheme set at institutional level which overrides course grade scheme when teacher wants to display grade as a letter grade