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Anyone integrating Canvas with QuestionMark?

Question asked by FieldAdmin CanvasSTK on Feb 22, 2018
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Hi - we are in the process of trying to get "QuestionMark On Demand" integrated with Canvas. I'm working with both QuestionMark support and Canvas support, but am hoping someone in the Community might be able to help.


I am not able to connect from Canvas to QuestionMark. Everything is set up correctly on the Questionmark server, as their tech was able to run a test using his Moodle server - but neither of us is able to connect using Canvas. I've configured the LTI, using correct consumer key, shared secret, and launch URL, but when I try to connect, I receive the error message, "sorry there was an error connecting you to the application".


The QuestionMark tech did help me test in a couple of other ways, (using the LTI testing site - - I was able to get a log files from that test and can paste that in if helpful. The QuestionMark tech that I spoke with wasn't familiar with the Canvas interface, and wasn't sure if they had anyone integrating with Canvas. He's going to check and see if there's anything he can learn from their installations - but that really surprised me!


Is anyone out there integrating Canvas with QuestionMark, and if so, did you have problems configuring the LTI?


Thanks a lot for your help,

Kathleen Barringer

Instructional Systems Engineer

Excelsior College