I wish for a report or visualization that does this.....

Discussion created by fernerj@erau.edu Expert on Feb 24, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2018 by Michael Quarmby

Hello all -  I am wondering if any of my peer Canvas Data admins have any ideas for a report or visualization they would like to make and just haven't gotten around to doing so, or perhaps just aren't sure how to go about doing it.  


For example, I have a visualization idea that depicts the relationships between the due date and the post date of initial discussion posts.  And also add in layers for replies at the various depths.  I'd like to depict how many students post 'just-in-time' ahead of a due date over the course of the term vs. participating at various times during the week.   Oh, and it may be interesting to explore if there is a relationship between that behavior and performance on the discussion assignments and perhaps also the final course grade. 


But what are your ideas for new reports or visualizations?