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The "Work Smarter Not Harder" Way to Train: What Are Your Best Practices?

Discussion created by Holly Owens on Feb 27, 2018
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Hello Fabulous Canvas Community Members, 


I'm currently working on putting together some Canvas trainings for the upcoming semester(s), and I do everything manually from training sign-ups (I use Qualtrics or a google form), to sending out reminder emails with key information (date, time, room etc), and evaluation information is also completed manually via mail merge following the session with a link to the session evaluation. I find that this is all extremely time consuming, yet efficient enough, for me in setting up trainings, BUT I want to do it better! I need your recommendations for software or systems that you use which can automate the processes I've described above. I know there has got to be away to do this more effectively in a timely manner. Please provide your recommendations and/or experience that will make this training experience fit more into the "work smarter, not harder" category. 


Also do you list your Canvas trainings inside of Canvas, if so how? 


You all are fantastic, I look forward to reading your recommendations.