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Higher Order Thinking in Memorization-Heavy Courses

Discussion created by Eric Werth Champion on Feb 27, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2018 by Laura Gibbs

Hi everyone, 


I am working with some faculty who teach content/memorization-heavy courses such as medical terminology, introductory-level science, and similar courses.  We are working to offer more of these online and I am teaching a class on effect course design and facilitation in online classes.


One of the questions that frequently arises is how can we facilitate higher levels of thinking (Bloom's Taxonomy) in these type of courses?  It is easy to end up with learning objectives such as "list", "define", etc. and not plan more for students to achieve.  There are some great ways to be more active, which is fantastic, but this isn't the same as fostering higher-order thinking.


I was just curious if those in the Canvas Community have had to address similar questions and what ideas have come up to push (or maybe pull) students into those top tiers.


Thanks in advance!