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How to Grade Combined Courses

Question asked by Abby Cunningham on Feb 27, 2018
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We have a unique situation at our school where we have a few combined courses for our Project Based Learning Network.  For example, General Science and Speech Communications are a combined 1st-semester course.  They have specific grading criteria that is combined for each class but then one grading criteria that is not.  The reason is for grade reporting since, on their transcripts, the two courses are reported separately.

For example:

Agency (combined grade)

Collaboration (combined grade)

Oral Communication (combined grade)

Written Communication (combined grade)

Knowledge and Thinking (separate grade, specific to the course)


I thought that I could take care of most of this by cross-listing the two courses and using the grading categories.  The only hurdle I run into is how the final grade is reported on Canvas.  Is there a way to have two final grades in Canvas?  Does anyone have a good way we could report the grades to students in this situation?  


A workaround right now is to disable the final grade and transfer each category to Infinite Campus - our state grade reporting software.  I'm just hoping there is a workaround for our teachers so they don't have to enter the grades twice.


Thanks for any thoughts on this!