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How can I present a LTI application to students when they enter a course?

Question asked by Raymond G on Feb 27, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2018 by Peter Love

Is it possible to present a LTI application to students immediately when they enter a course?


I'm not sure if either of these are achievable, or how they could be configured, but two possible solutions might be:

  1. Set the default navigation item to be the "Progress" LTI application.
  2. Somehow display the LTI application on the "Home" screen.


We developed a "Progress" LTI application which our organization would like to show to student immediately after they enter the course (without them having to select another navigation item). Currently the workflow is that a student enters the course and then has to select the "Progress" navigation item to view the LTI application. We are looking to prevent that extra step - sending students directly to the LTI application instead of "Home" when they enter the course.


Any input or suggestions would be much appreciated!