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Anyone else having trouble with the Wiris textbox?

Question asked by Judith Ringle on Feb 27, 2018
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I recently had my students complete an extended response math question. I instructed them to use the Wiris equation writing app that I loaded into the toolbar on the text boxes (where all the apps are). The students could access this and understood how to type in their equations and so forth but the problem occurred when they had to post the content in Wiris into their text box for the Canvas submission. Many students lost their work because we cannot see the buttons across the bottom that allow you do so. In fact, to this day I cannot tell you exactly what buttons are below the equation box. We think "Ok" is the left button, but we have no ideas what the other buttons on. Any advice as to how we can see the entire Wiris box with the choices? Am I doing something wrong with this app?

Thank you!

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