Should we "now" assume that all students will use their smartphone to access "the class"

Discussion created by JAMES SHELDON on Feb 26, 2018
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This has been wandering around in the back of my mind because of the threads about the physical process of uploading pictures, etc.


A decade ago the head of my apartment was adamant in a college wide discussion about "how much should we require students to do "online"?


His position was that "not all students have access to a computer and therefore we should not require the use of a computer even if the college had multiple kiosks available".


And that view held the field until the last year or so.


"Kiosks" kind of "dates" me. lol


Anyway..... last week I found out that if the student does "Pell Grant / FAFSA " etc. stuff by paper application that it will take a VERY long time for anything to get done at the state or federal level ( the college does it expeditiously ). 


So the college is now..... "assuming".... that all students will be on-line a regular amount of time, but I discovered this last week that at least a third of my seated class just do not "do" computers because I requested that they reply to an e-mail about "stuff" because we missed a day due to ice and it would behoove them to do this "stuff".


They had not even viewed the e-mail over a two day period.


So...........since "we" the eddication establishment ASSUMES that all people will be able to get onto a computer/laptop/tablet  "before the next meeting of a class"......


Should we NOW, or in the "near future",  ...assume......that all students will access an LMS through a smartphone?


yea or nay... and comments if desired.


I would post a yeah or nay poll but don't know how to do it.