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"Download Annotated PDF" doesn't download annotations?

Question asked by Ryan Eichberger on Mar 1, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2018 by Eric Werth

I'm still learning Canvas, and created a group assignment without evidently setting the group component correctly. Now I have graded the group assignments submitted by one person from each group, leaving in-document feedback using SpeedGrader, and need to get my feedback to the rest of the students. 


So I click the "Download Annotated PDF" button, which saves a PDF...and the resultant PDF saves a tiny red flag wherever I commented, but no comment itself. Am I going to have to regrade everything in Word, replicating all of my in-document comments for all students? Am I misunderstanding what the "Download Annotated PDF" button does, and it doesn't download annotations? I'm feeling baffled right now that there would be a situation in which you'd want to save a document with the flag for an annotation but no actually annotation...


I looked at prior answers and they don't seem to be quite this situation, but I might have misread.


Thanks for any help.