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Regrade not working on multiple attempt quizzes?

Question asked by Carmen Marie Strand on Mar 2, 2018
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We recently ran across a possible issue when regrading a multiple attempt quiz. It appears that, if a quiz question is regraded on a multiple attempt quiz, only the last attempt is regraded.


So, in a quiz where only the highest score is counted, if the highest score would be the first attempt and that includes a quiz question that was regraded, the student would not receive appropriate credit for their quiz attempt.


For example, say there is a five random question quiz where each question is worth ten points and students can make two attempts at the quiz and only the highest score counts. In attempt 1, the student had one wrong answer and scored 40 points. In attempt 2, the student had two wrong answers and scored 30 points. Later, the question with the wrong answer in attempt 1 was regraded and students received full credit. However, the regrading doesn't appear to automatically go back to attempt 1 to regrade, therefore the student's first attempt receives 40 points when they should have received 50 points. 


Is this a known issue? Is anyone else seeing this or is there something we are missing? Any solutions?