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(external app) course navigation link "default" option

Question asked by Jihoon Yoo on Jun 11, 2015
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Hi all,


I am trying to add a course navigation link in an account level with hide option enabled, i.e. course_navigation[default]=false, by default. However, the course navigation link is shown up in every courses under the account automatically, and also there is no way for each teachers of courses to hide/show that app in settings. Below is the settings for the external app.


the external app's settings:


consumer_key: "1234"

created_at: "2015-06-11T20:18:29Z"

description: null

domain: null

id: 11242

name: "Online Research Help"

updated_at: "2015-06-11T20:30:25Z"

url: ""

privacy_level: "public"

custom_fields: null

workflow_state: "public"

vendor_help_link: null

user_navigation: null




default: "false"

enabled: true

label: "Online Research Help"

selection_width: 800

selection_height: 400



account_navigation: null


not_selectable: true



In course settings > apps area:




Again, this external tool is added with an account level. Please let me know any ideas or comments.