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How do I create an internal mailto link?

Question asked by Louis Barry on Mar 1, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2018 by cesbrandt

As an administrator customizing our help menu, I would love to set up a link similar to a mailto link but to message a specific person using the internal Canvas conversations tool. This is preferable to using a standard mailto link since many of our students do not have their browser/email program properly set up to use mailto links. I also prefer not directing them out of Canvas if I can help it.


One example of using this (as in our case), is to message the person who does QA for all the courses' content, to report an error.


Is there some way of structuring a link to do this? I imagine it would be something like[somehow insert user to message here]


I have been looking for any documentation on this but no joy thus far. Please direct me to it if you know of any info I cannot find.