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Discussion created by Alan Kinsey on Feb 28, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2018 by Kevin Dougherty

I do not know if this has been asked as of yet, but has there been a discussion on the Moderate feature? Here are some concerns I see in moving to Quizzes.Next:

  • Students do not show up as an option to moderate until AFTER they have begun testing. We are unable to see the full roster to offer additional time (due to accommodations) or extra attempts or manual unlock (which is beneficial for proctored exams).
  • We are unable to see when a student is currently taking the test at a glance. This can be problematic in a face-to-face environment or in a proctored test situation.


Secondly, I know instructors are having issues with the import question bank feature, especially when it comes from a publisher or other source, and sometimes even from within Canvas. Will there be more options available in the future for this option?


Finally, since the test opens in a new tab for students, what is the timeline for working with Respondus so it doesn't shut down when students take this through LockDown Browser?