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Canvas conference - student panel

Discussion created by Tobe Baeyens on Mar 5, 2018
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Next week we have a Canvas conference, and we will end the day with a student panel. We want the students to give their opinion about their experience with Canvas. I will guide the discussion. What should I focus on? What would you like to know from your students? Most people in the audience will be teachers and advisers.

I think I will use the topics that we discussed with them two years ago, as an inspiration. We asked our students about their opinions of the previous LMS and this led to the switch to Canvas.

  • The basics: An LMS needs to be reliable, responsive, storage space needs to be sufficient, it needs to be secure, the user interface needs to be simple, suitable for desktop and mobile, fonts need to be big enough,...
  • Communication: Communication needs to be easy (teacher - student, student - student)
  • Assessment: It must be possible to evaluate students and give them feedback, and to give students the opportunity to evaluate each other (peer review).
  • Groups: Teachers and students must be able to share content in groups.
  • Course design: It must be possible to create modern looking e-learning courses (dynamic content, easy navigation, clear learning outcomes, good structure,...)