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Need easier way to download all of a student's submissions for a course

Question asked by on Mar 7, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2018 by Todd Van Zandt

We need to create back-ups of what students have submitted for some of our classes and create a 'portfolio' with all of their submissions. Ideally, we would have a folder (located on a computer or storage device, not Canvas) with the student name and class name, and all of their submissions for that class would be saved into this folder.


The only two ways I am aware of to downloading a student's submissions, is (1) acting as the student and then going to their profile and clicking 'Download Submissions'. This method is inefficient and downloads all of a student's submissions across all of their classes. We only want to download submissions for a specific class. Also, doing this method for hundreds of students is very inefficient and time-consuming. The other method (2) is to go into the gradebook and download all student submissions for a particular assignment. This gives all submissions and would require a lot of file moving.


Is there a better way to download a student's submissions for a course?